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UBVO at Fifteen Years


12 May, 2022

Celebrating 15 years of UBVO


Conveners: Stanley Ulijaszek, Karin Eli, Caroline Potter


Sessions, UK time:

08.00-10.00 Morning

15.00 - 17.40 Afternoon


By Zoom

Meeting ID: 827 2421 9179

Passcode: 339601  


Morning session

Chair - Stanley Ulijaszek


8.00     Stanley Ulijaszek, Caroline Potter, Karin Eli, University of Oxford; University of Warwick

             Welcome and introduction

8.10     Maciej Henneberg, University of Adelaide

            Biological causes of obesity


8.20     Amy McLennan, Australian National University / University of Oxford / UniSA  

            Obesity and the chronic inflammation epidemic"


8.30     Megan Warin, University of Adelaide

             The epistemic and political stakes of bodies, eating, developmental origins and epigenetics


8.40     Michelle Pentecost, King’s College London

             Preconception interventions for obesity prevention: challenges and opportunities



Short break


9.00     Caroline Potter, University of Oxford

             15 years beyond the spaghetti diagram: contending with complexity in obesity research across the life course 


9.10     Paulina Nowicka, Uppsala University

            The Grandparents Study: What we have learned in the past decade about intergenerational influences on body weight,              eating and physical activity'

9.20     Kaushik Bose, Vidyasagar University, West Bengal

             Central obesity and hypertension among rural adults of Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, India

9.30     Karin Eli, University of Warwick

             Understanding eating disorders: Five key anthropological contributions in the last 15 years


9.40     Thao Dam, UNISG, Pollenzo

             Once more, for the cheese pull: Broadcasting meals with Mukbang


9.50     Conversation - around the magic table social

10.10     Ends



Afternoon session

Chairs – Caroline Potter and Karin Eli

15.00   Stanley Ulijaszek, Caroline Potter, Karin Eli, University of Oxford; University of Warwick

            Welcome and introduction


15.10   Amandine Garde, University of Liverpool

            Trade liberalisation and obesity prevention


15.20   Esther Gonzalez-Padilla, University of Lund



15.30   Stanley Ulijaszek, University of Oxford

            Visual art, obesity and the body


15.40   Anne-Katrine Kleberg Hansen, Royal Danish Academy of Art, Copenhagen

            Medical photography and fatness between 1930 and 1960


15.50   Tess Bird, University of Oxford

            Lockdown food - podcasting in the pandemic

Short break

16.10   Tanja Schneider, University of St Gallen

            Reconfigurations of accountability in the development of a food app - 


16.20   Anna-Maria Carusi, Inter-Change Research

            Chemicals, environment, and animals (human and non-).


16.30   Helene Shugart, University of Utah

            Body politic: discursive patterns and implications of fat positivity


16.40   Zofia Boni, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan

            Being fat or having obesity: can we move beyond epistemological divisions in research on childhood obesity?

16.50   Emma Rich, University of Bath

            Rethinking obesity in (post) covid society

17.00   Sabine Parrish, City, University of London

           Learning to food-shop in lockdown

17.10  Conversation – around the magic table social

17.30   Ends


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