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Upcoming seminarS and events
HILARY term 2023


UBVO Seminars

Convener: Stanley Ulijaszek

Thursdays, 4 to 5pm UK time unless otherwise stated


On Zoom, all welcome

Meeting ID: 835 3937 4084

Passcode: 881122


January 26            

Cervantee Wild

University of Oxford

‘Beyond ‘silver bullets’: Childhood obesity intervention in Aotearoa New Zealand’


February 2

Wenpeng You and Maciej Henneberg (10am)

University of Adelaide

‘Female and male obesity across the world differs according to biology and economic status’

February 9

Keiko Kanno

University of Oxford

'Obesity and dietary behaviours in Mongolia'

February 16

Kaspar Staub

University of Zurich

‘Maternal and neonatal health in Switzerland during pandemics, 1918/19 vs. 2020/21’

February 23

Inky Gibbens

University of Oxford

‘Eating together alone’

March 2

Deborah Clegg

Texas Tech University

‘15 (+!) ways estrogens influence adipose tissues’ 

March 8 (Wednesday 4pm) 

Sabine Parrish and Tessa Pollard

City University, London, and Durham University

‘Lived experience of childhood weight and diet interventions in four London neighbourhoods’



Joint Oxford – Tokyo Workshop

Physical Activity, Urbanism and Health


Monday 30th January 2023

9.00 - 11.00 am UK time


On Zoom

Meeting ID: 836 2093 3022

Passcode: 695188


Physical activity and the built environment

Led by Stanley Ulijaszek, University of Oxford 

Physical activity in the built environment of high income countries may be changing faster than at any time prior to the 2000s, with the engagement of social media, smart devices and increasing urban smartness that has come with the Internet of Things. In this presentation, some of the most important features of built environments that have facilitated physical activity between the 1980s and 2000s are explored, most importantly walkability and active transport with bicycles, but also use of smart devices and increasing incorporation of smartness and performativity into architecture and urban planning. Finally, the structure of cities is important for performance of physical activity. How size and centrality relate to obesity are also considered.  



Physical activity of women and children in Japan

Led by Mayumi Kuno-Mizumura, Ochanomizu University

Inactivity is a common global health issue, with the World Health Organization setting its global target to reduce physical inactivity by 10% by 2025 and by 15% by 2030. WHO published Guidelines on physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and sleep for children under 5 years of age in 2019. With the recent pandemic of COVID19, physical inactivity has become more pronounced. In Japan, changes in physical activity patterns of women and children since the pandemic are not well-documented. In this presentation, recent patterns of physical activity of Japanese women and Japanese children living in Tokyo are reported. Factors related to women's physical activity and small children's physical activity are discussed, as well as relationships between physical activity and physical fitness in children.  


Convened by Stanley Ulijaszek, and Tanja Schneider

Thursdays 4-5pm

The Trinity Term seminars and workshop will take place online

Join Zoom Meeting -

Meeting ID: 827 2421 9179

Passcode: 339601

April 28            

Jeremy Brice, University of Oxford

Curating good choice: Digital marketplace platforms and the framing of eating


May 5

Zofia Boni, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

‘Being fat or having obesity: combining social constructivism and biomedical research on childhood obesity


May 12

Workshop: UBVO at 15 years, Stanley Ulijaszek, Karin Eli and Caroline Potter, convenors

Two flash-talk sessions: 8 to 10.10am and 3 to 5.40pm

Speakers: Amandine Garde, Megan Warin, Michelle Pentecost, Amy McLennan, Sabine Parrish, Tess Bird, Tanja Schneider, Helene Shugart, Esther Gonzalez-Padilla, Maciej Henneberg, Kaushik Bose, Karin Eli, Anna-Maria Carusi, Anna Lavis, Caroline Potter, Stanley Ulijaszek, Anne Katrine Kleberg Hansen, Paulina Nowicka, Emma Rich


May 19  

Francesca Forno, Trento University

From grassroots to platform: The reconfiguration of alternative food provisioning in the online world 

May 26

Tess Bird, University of Oxford

Uncertainty and resilience

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