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ubvo seminar brewis

Alex Brewis Slade, of the Arizona State University, Zoom-presents her work on stigma and global health

ubvo seminar dietz

William Dietz, of George Washington University, gives a Zoom seminar on 'The syndemic of COVID-19, obesity and food insecurity in the United States'

ubvo seminar puhl

Rebecca Puhl, of the University of Connecticut, presents her work on 'The damaging impact of weight stigma: Psychosocial stress and harmful health consequences'

ubvo seminar meleo erwin

Zoe Meleo-Erwin, of the William Paterson University of New Jersey, presents on how neoliberal healthism and inequality shape bariatric surgery support forum dynamics​

ubvo seminar wurgaft

Ben Wurgaft, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presenting his seminar on cultured meat to UBVO on Zoom

giles yeo 2020

Hilary Term 2020 - Giles Yeo, University of Cambridge, with student Zoe Grenville. Giles came to speak to the question "is obesity a choice?"

aurora perez cornago 2020

Hilary Term 2020 - Aurora Perez-Cornago, of the Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford, speaks to her research into height, weight and prostate cancer

aiden doherty 3_edited

Michaelmas Term 2019 - Aiden Doherty with Caroline Potter. Aiden speaks to big data and artificial intelligence approaches to understanding human physical activity and its health implications

aiden doherty 1

Michaelmas Term 2019: machine learning and physical activity

james betts_edited

Michaelmas Term 2019: Professor of Metabolic Physiology James Betts, University of Bath, presents his work on nutrient timing and human health'

nagata potter

Michaelmas Term 2019: Caroline Potter with Jason Nagata, University of California, San Francisco, who came to speak to his work on the epidemiology of muscle-enhancing and disordered eating behaviours in adolescents in the United States

tess bird amandine garde

Trinity Term 2019: Tess Bird and Amandine Garde gave presentations on everyday materiality of health, and regulation of food marketing, respectively

zofia boni

Hilary Term 2019: Zofia Boni (SOAS Food Studies Centre and Department of Anthropology, University of Poznań) came to speak about her research into the social life of childhood obesity in Poland ​


Hilary Term 2019: Marijana Todorcevic, of the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism speaks to 'The functions of fat. What are the determinants and does it matter?'

sarah bourke

Hilary Term 2019: Sarah Bourke (University of Oxford) presents on 'Following the Mayi Kuwayu National Study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing'

alexandra sexton bw

Hilary Term 2019: Alexandra Sexton, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, talks about 'Bug burgers, lab meat and plant blood: what implications for food and farming?'

cristiana duarte 2019b

Hilary Term 2019: Cristiana Duarte, from the School of Psychology, University of Leeds, speaks to the issue of 'Energy balance behaviours: The role of emotions and emotion regulation'

cecilia lindgren bw

Michaelmas Term 2018: Cecilia Lindgren, Professor of Genomic Endocrinology and Metabolism, at the University of Oxford speaks on the genomics of common obesity

per poulsen

Michaelmas Term 2018: Per Poulsen (Department of Occupational Medicine, Herning Hospital, Denmark) speaks to psychosocial inequality, insecurity and overweight and obesity in a Danish Youth Cohort

scrinis bw

Michaelmas Term 2018: Gyorgy Scrinis (University of Melbourne) came to present on 'Ultra-processed foods, big food and the corporate capture of nutrition'

charlotte albury bw

Michaelmas Term 2018: Charlotte Albury (Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University Of Oxford) presents her data on weight management in primary care, using conversation analysis in the BWeL trial ​

trish greenhalgh

​Hilary Term 2018: Trish Greenhalgh (University of Oxford) came to speak about 'Theorising with narrative: How careful analysis of stories can help us rise above the ontological desert of ‘behaviour change’ research'

anders kristian munk

Hilary Term 2018: Anders Munk (Aalborg University, Copenhagen) speaks to his work on tracing the New Nordic Food Movement, using digital methods

cat pause 1

Hilary Term 2018: Cat Pause (Massey University, New Zealand) gives a presentation on 'Not your good fatty: how fat activists disrupt using Web 2.0'

maurizio meloni with michelle pentecost.

Trinity Term 2016: Maurizio Meloni (University of Sheffield) came to speak about how epigenetics is changing biopolitics. Here he is with Michelle Pentecost.

gabriella morini

Hilary Term 2018: Gabriela Morini (University of Gastronomic Science, Pollenzo, Italy) came to speak about the physiology of taste

james stubbs

Hilary Term 2017: James Stubbs, of the School of Psychology, University of Leeds, presents on multidisciplinary approaches to the challenge of weight loss and maintenance in the general population

Marisa Macari

Trinity Term 2016: Marisa Macari, of El Poder del Consumidor,speaks about Mexico’s national strategy to prevent and control obesity and diabetes

eli ulijaszek

Michaelmas Term 2016: Karin Eli and Stanley Ulijaszek (University of Oxford) considering 'Constructing a new index to measure social mobility and wellbeing'

lone gron

Hilary Term 2016: Lone Gron (Aarhus University) giving a presentation on obesity, kinship, and relatedness in the context of social contagion as ‘alien af-fection’ in family histories and experiences of obesity.

helen bould

Hilary Term 2016: Helen Bould, of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford presents on 'The influence of school on eating disorders in girls – evidence from Sweden and the UK'

heather howard 1

Hilary Term 2016: Heather Howard (Michigan State University) gives a presentation on 'What’s in a name? “Metabolic surgery,” Curing Diabetes, and the Transformation of Weight Loss Procedures and Patients'

hayley macgregor

Hilary Term 2016: Hayley MacGregor, from the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University, presented a seminar on 'Implementing systems for improving healthcare at the coalface: Innovation to address chronic lifelong conditions’

morten kringelbach

Michaelmas Term 2015: Morton Kringelbach (University of Oxford) talks about pain and pleasure in the brain

chris forth

Michaelmas Term 2015: Chris Forth (University of Kansas) came to speak on 'The fat(tened) American: Between consumption, disgust, and animality'

emily troscianko_edited

Trinity Term 2015: Emily Troscianko (University of Oxford) presented on ‘How literary studies can help us understand eating disorders’

osea giuntella

Hilary Term 2015: Odea Giuntella (University of Oxford) presented ‘Are tacos healthier than burgers? Migration, food diversity and health gains from variety’

julian savulescu and stanley ulijaszek

Hilary Term 2015: Julian Savulescu, University of Oxford, with Stanley Ulijaszek. Professor Savulescu came to speak at UBVO on obesity, responsibility and ethics


Trinity Term 2014: Nadine Levin (University of Exeter) presented ‘Microbes Matter: metabolism and metabolic disorder in contemporary biomedicine’


Hilary Term 2014: Marisa Wilson (University of Edinburgh) presented ‘Comparative political ecologies of food and diet: systems of provision in Trinidad and Cuba’ and presented her book Everyday Moral Economies at the departmental book launch

eleanor bryant

Hilary Term 2014: Eleanor Bryant (University of Bradford) speaks about the status of disinhibition and its role in predicting eating behavior


Hilary Term 2014: Emma-Jayne Abbots (University of Wales, Trinity St David) presented on ‘The Intimacies of the celebrity chef industry: affect, effects and the mediation of eating’

peter scarborough

Michaelmas Term 2014: Peter Scarborough (University of Oxford) presented ‘Evidence of the effectiveness of health-related food taxes’


Hilary Term 2014: Rosie Kay and Karin Eli present their work at the School of Anthropology’s Departmental Seminar

karen throsby

Michaelmas Term 2014: Karen Throsby (Leeds University) presented on marathon swimming and ‘heroic fatness’.

coveney ulijaszek1

Trinity Term 2014: John Coveney (Flinders University, Australia) came to present on ‘The Disenchantment of the Plate’, here with Stanley Ulijaszek

Stephanie von Hinke Kessler-Scholder

Hilary Term 2014: Stephanie von Hinke Kessler-Scholder (University of York and Institute for Fiscal Studies in London) presented on ‘Getting a healthy start? Nudge versus economic incentives in the promotion of healthy eating’

lucy cooke

Hilary Term 2013: Lucy Cooke (University College London) speaks to 'Children’s eating habits and food preferences: Determinants and consequences'

brit oppedal

Hilary Term 2013: Brit Oppedal (National Institute of Public Health, Norway) speaks to 'Social integration of migrant children: Uncovering factors promoting health development'

laurel edmunds

Hilary Term 2013: Laurel Edmunds (University of Oxford) speaks to 'Treating obesity early in life: The common misunderstanding between parents and healthy providers'

annalijn conklin

Michaelmas Term 2013: Annalijn Conklin (MRC Epidemiology Unit and University of Cambridge) came to present her work on 'Financial hardship, weight gain and obesity: Rethinking economic determinants'


Hilary Term 2012: Adam Gilbertson (University of Oxford) presents his work on insecurity and food insecurity in an informal settlement in Mombasa, Kenya

annemarie mol

Michaelmas Term 2012: Annemarie Mol, of the University of Amsterdam came to speak to 'Where is the eating body? On situating beyond anatomy?'

megan warin

Michaelmas Term 2012: Megan Warin (University of Adelaide) presents Eating NatureCulture: material feminism and maternal obesity

Igho Onakpoya

Hilary Term 2011: Igho Onakpoya (University of Oxford) gives a critical review of the use of herbal supplements for body weight reduction


Hilary Term 2011: Michael Goran (University of Southern California) gives a talk entitles 'Fizzyology: Genetics, metabolic effects, health outcomes, and the politics of high sugar consumption in children'

emma redding

Trinity Term 2010: Emma Redding, of Laban Contemporary Dance, London, gave a presentation on the physiology of the contemporary dancer

sanna nordin

Michaelmas Term 2010: Sanna Nordin, Laban Contemporary Dance, speaks to 'Looking skinny, feeling fit – or fat? Exploring attitudes to bodies and eating in dance'

geoff rayner

Michaelmas Term 2010: Geof Rayner, of City University London, speaks to 'Population weight gain as the outcome of dietary, energy, and cultural transition: An ecological public health perspective'

annie catrell

Michaelmas Term 2009: Annie Cattrell, De Montford University speaks to her bodily-engaged art in a talk entitled 'From within'

jimmy bell

Michaelmas Term 2008: Jimmy Bell (Imperial College London) presented his work on whole-body fat imaging in a talk entitled 'The beauty of body fat'

davey smith

Trinity Term 2008: George Davey Smith (University of Bristol) came to give a presentation on 'Understanding determinants of phenotypic variation: A gloomy prospect?'

drewnowski presentation

Trinity Term 2008: Adam Drewnowski (University of Washington) presents in the UBVO seminar series on 'Do healthier diets cost more?'


Trinity Term 2008: Astor Visiting Lecturer Adam Drewnowski with Mike Rayner

shirlene badger

Hilary Term 2008: Shirlene Badger (University of Cambridge) presents her ethnographic work on the involvement of obese children in obesity genetics research

susan jebb

Michaelmas Term 2007: Susan Jebb (Medical Research Council, Cambridge) speaks to 'Tackling obesities: Future choices'

carden coyne

Michaelmas Term 2007: Ana Carden-Coyne (University of Manchester) speaks to 'Fat boobs and frumpy Victorians: Gendered bodies, modern fitness and mass culture'.

devi sridhar

Michaelmas Term 2007: Devi Sridhar (University of Oxford) presents on 'The Maharaja Mac: Biologised globalization in India'

tom snijders

Michaelmas Term 2007: Nicholas Harrigan and Tom Snijders (pictured), of the University of Oxford presented on social network analysis and its potential application for obesity research

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