Around the Table is a podcast from Stanley Ulijaszek, Professor of Human Ecology at the University of Oxford and Director of UBVO, and Dr. Tess Bird, an anthropologist of household uncertainty and wellbeing, and Mellon Fellow at Wesleyan University.


In 15-20 minute short episodes, we interview nutrition, food, and health experts as well as everyday households from around the world, filling in some of the gaps between scientific knowledge and everyday practice.

Our series begins with Season 1: "Lockdown Food," where we interview food culture experts and households about how food is changing with COVID-19.

Season 1: LockDown FooD

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Episode 1: Our Vision

Tess and Stanley have a conversation about their vision for this podcast and for the Season One sub-series: Lockdown Food.

Episode 2: Around the VIrtual Table During COviD-19: Everyday Tales from Denmark, Switzerland, and the UK

Tess interviews Tanja Schneider (Switzerland), Anne Katrine Kleberg Hansen (Denmark), and Stanley Ulijaszek (UK) about how their everyday food lives have changed since the COVID-19 lockdown.

 EPISODE 3: Interview with Maddalena Borsato, "A Messy PastrY Practitioner with A Philosophical Vein," in LockDown In Italy

Maddalena Borsato studies sweetness and taste from a philosophical point of view and started a website with a colleague called aristortele, where they "philosophize with a spoon." She discusses lockdown in Italy, sourdough, and philosophy.

 EPISODE 4: Interview with Alexandra Ulijaszek Scott, A Cocktail Bartender in London, UK

Stanley interviews his daughter about what life is like without late nights working at Callooh Callay during lockdown in London, UK.

 Episode 5: Interview With Ester González-Padilla, A Nutritional Epidemiologist in the Canary Islands, Spain  

Ester González-Padilla discusses mediterranean eating, "sobremesa," sugar and nutrient dilution, and why over-snacking is a problem during COVID-19. González-Padilla is a PhD student at the Nutritional Epidemiology Group, Department of Clinical Sciences Malmö, Lund University, Malmö, Sweden. You can view her most recent paper here.